florio ITP app Disclaimer:

The florio ITP app is intended to support patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) to track their therapy and condition-related events.

Engagement with the florio ITP app allows patients to easily record ITP-related events (e.g. bleeds, bruises, petechiae, fatigue, mood/well-being) and ITP-related data (e.g. platelet count readings, treatment plans). None of the information provided represents medical advice. The app is not intended to be used in place of advice from your physician or other health care professionals. Should you have any health-related questions or concerns contact your physician or other healthcare professional promptly.

You may choose to share data with your healthcare provider via a report shared via a PDF or a website link in advance of medical consultations, to facilitate the discussion with your health care professional during the next consultation. The health report that is generated by florio ITP is not intended to be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Physicians and other health care professionals must exercise independent professional judgement at all times. Should you have any questions on florio ITP please contact us at info@florio.com. Errors or imprecisions in the data shown in florio ITP cannot be excluded.

Activity information is provided by third party provider (Google Fit and Apple HealthKit) and Florio does not have control over data derived from such features and cannot guarantee the accuracy of such data.