Can I delete my data?

Florio will handle your data in accordance with the terms of use and privacy policy, but you can request that your data will be deleted. If you wish to stop using Florio and have your data deleted, please email and the team will be happy to assist.

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Why do I need to consent HealthKit data?

Florio tracks and displays your daily activities with the help of Apple HealthKit (on iOS) and Google Fit (on Android) to allow your doctor to gain additional information about your daily activities. Apple HealthKit and Google Fit store activity and health information (like the number of steps, flights climbed, activities, calories burned, heart rate, etc.).

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Who has access to my data?

Your data, which is stored under a pseudonym, will only be shared with third parties in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use which can be accessed here [insert link]. Data access is monitored by the independent Florio Data Governance Board.

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