Can Florio be used without PK?

A key feature of Florio is the display of estimated factor levels that allows patients to adjust their treatment to their planned activities or their activities to the current and future estimated factor levels. Thus, we do not offer Florio without PK.

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What is the factor level?

"The factor level in Florio displays your current estimated clotting factor level based on your last prophylactic infusion. The factor level is provided by WAPPS-Hemo in collaboration with your physician. Please note that your estimated factor level is an estimate based on the information in WAPPS-Hemo provided by your doctor and your own reporting of [...]

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Why was Florio developed?

Florio was developed to give people with haemophilia individual insights, enabling them to make individual choices and to bring data-driven insights to healthcare professionals supporting them to change lives through personalised care.

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