How will Florio track my activity / workouts?

Florio tracks your daily activities with the help of Apple HealthKit (on iOS) or Google Fit (on Android) to allow your doctor to gain additional information about your activity level. Apple HealthKit and Google Fit store activity and health information (like the number of steps, flights climbed, activities, calories burned, heart rate, etc.).

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Do I need to wear the Apple Watch?

If you are using Florio on an iPhone, the Apple Watch allows you to capture the most granular level of health and activity data. Florio uses this information to provide a more accurate view of your overall health to your physician. Florio none the less can be used without the Apple Watch.

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How do I delete an injection I have already logged?

From the main navigation button in the top-left of your phone's screen, select "My Progress" then "All Events". Find your most recent injection in the list, press it to see more detail then delete it. Please note: your stock level will not be restored to its previous level, before the infusion. Please manually add the [...]

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